Quick Insight into 4 Great Benefits of Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

When it comes to choosing hot tubs, there are always plenty of options at your disposal, but not all of them would suit your needs. There are plenty of benefits of wood-fired hot tubs, but once again not all the hot tubs can actually be transformed to wood-fired ones.

The biggest benefit is that you’re no more limited to using the scratchy barrel-style tubs anymore, and have complete flexibility of getting off the grid. You may want to consider Arctic Spas hot tubs, which are made up of modern acrylic materials, and manufactured in trendy designs. They are not only perfect for the cabin, but also help you in saving a good deal of electricity too.

How Do These Wood-Fired Hot Tubs Work?

Getting your wood-fired hot tub to work is fairly easy; all that’s needed is a specific water intake, designed for burning wood. You don’t even require a circulating pump because as soon as the water heats up, a spontaneous pumping action causes it to circulate throughout the tub automatically. And, you can make such tubs on your own too. You won’t have to sweat it too much before stepping inside it, and enjoying the refreshing feeling.

Apart from steady in-flow of water, a good heater, and some fuel such as coal diesel, oil, propane or wood is required to heat up the water. In case of wood-fired tubs, about 15 lbs of wood should suffice; don’t be shocked – you read it correctly – 15 pounds of wood is required, but it won’t really cost you a fortune!

These hot tubs come in variety of comfy, luxurious designs, and seating arrangements, presenting something for just about everyone. Now, let’s take a quick look at the 4 major benefits of wood-fired hot tubs

benefits of wood-fired hot tubs

  1. They emanate cool aroma with constant hot water in-flow, which gives a natural feel.

Out of various wood choices, cedar has amazing scent, and it’s also the best watertight choice. They’re far superior to the synthetic counter-parts made up of cheap materials.

  1. Ability to Resist Rotting

Wood-fired hot tubs are always more resistant to rotting, and they’re usually make up of redwood, cedar oak or teak, yet the offer same extravagance of modern spas. But, remember that not all of them are the same, because some of the Japanese ones can’t be used under high pressure.

  1. Advanced Features

Who says that you can’t get the best of both worlds? Modern hot tubs not only come with attractive designs, but also advanced features like filters, pumps, jets, and electric/gas heaters. You could add up massage jets and lot of other things to create your own sweet personal spa.

Once again, only high quality hot tubs can offer you all these features, while you can’t have jets or filtration options with the cheap ones. In such cases, you need to drain the tub after usage every single time, which rather becomes quite painful.

The high quality wood spa heaters like those from Arctic Spas can endure pressure from the pumps quite easily, and they allow you to heat your spa naturally, and power up hot-tub pumps for using massage jets.

  1. Low Maintenance

No additional chemicals and gadgets etc. are involved, so these tubs require negligible maintenance. So, all that you need to spend on is purchasing the wood for heating up water in the tub.

Of course, you’ll have to shell out some money on giving foundation to your hot tub when you try to set it up, but then there’s very little maintenance overhead thereafter.

On the whole, a wood-fired hot tub can be one of the best additions to your personal spa, and the rich colour as well as grainy texture of wood makes it quite a visual treat too.

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