How to Customize Your Hot Tub and Make it More Enjoyable?

You may already have a nice hot tub installed in your home and enjoying it almost everyday. But, you can further enhance the experience with a few small things, and customize your hot tub. Something like underwater lights can be a great way of making the whole bathing experience all the more fun. With these kinds of lights, you can easily turn your hot tub into an attractive light show that can attract the eyeballs of those who are inside and outside the water. There are different kinds of lights that you can select from. One of the popular picks can be a 110 volt halogen, something that we also see in those swimming pools. Then there also are many lights that keep changing their colors.

Choosing LED Lighting

LED lighting is again something that you can go for. There are LED bulb composites installed in one single light. These come with a wide range of color options and the users can customize the colors and the rate at which they change. Fiber optic lighting is yet another popular choice that many of the modern hot tub owners make. A very powerful effect is caused by these lights; of course it all depends on the power of the lights you choose. The best part is that they can very easily be installed both on the outside and on the inside. You can also have them synchronized for enhanced extra effects. When going for these kinds of upgrades make sure you always hire an electrician who is licensed. You know for the fact that water is an excellent conductor of electricity and a bad installation job done by an incompetent electrician can even lead to fatal accidents.

Build a Pavilion for Your Tub

If you have installed your hot tub outdoors then you can have a pavilion kind of structure under which your hot tub can rest. There are different forms and shapes available for these pavilions. If you install something that is properly enclosed, then it can also act like a sauna by trapping all the heat within it. Simpler ones are made of wood and just have roofs so that you get protected from different elements. If you happen to be from architecture background then you can literally come up with tens of ideas to make something outstanding out of your hot tub.

Connecting the Pool to Your Spa

If you also have a pool in you compound, come up with a creative way of getting both of them connected so that both of them can be easily accessed. Apart from these there are many funky blow-up toys available for both swimming pool and your hot tub. These can enhance the overall look and improve enjoyment. You can even buy plastic cards to play card games in water with a plastic table serving as base.

More Options

Few other customization items that you can purchase for your hot tubs can be hand rails, aroma additives, build in CD player, cushion seats, waterfalls etc. You can have all these fun with a hot tub only if you have one. If you don’t have one and are planning to buy one then make sure you don’t compromise with two things; ease of use and quality. Go for a reliable brand like Arctic Spas. After buying one from Artic, you’ll never have to wonder how to install an Arctic hot tub in your home as the professionals from the company will do it for you, and you’ll be provided with a manual containing all the directions for installation and maintenance.

So go for something that is well known and reliable enough, because hot tubs and their accessories can be costly investments.

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